1. Headcanons/About Me.

    There’s a few things that should 8e known a8out this Vriska that you’re looking to fool around with.

    Her Session was pretty much the canon session, other then the fact that everybody started it by the time they were of-age. Thus, there was probably a lot more boning going on during it. But otherwise, everything went normally. Death, Tavrisprite, all of it still happened to this Vriska. However, she’s alive right now. (How? Well, hopefully the comic will explain it eventually. )

    1. Primarily, she’s curvy as heck. 8eautiful hourglass figure, huge tits, supple nice ass, mostly-slender waist. A real porn star sort of figure, too. It goes with her 8eing nearly 6 feet tall, sans horns, and having her insane hair go around to her 8utt. Fat jokes will be made on occasion, and figure may vary on exactly how massive it is at any given time, but this is the general 8ase with it.

    2. This is a God Tier Vriska, and her wings are naturally attached to her. She’ll stuff them under a shirt when needed, done in the name of fashion. Luck will 8e manipul8ed as needed.

    3. Troll anatomy is weird! This Vriska goes with the headcanon that troll genitalia can flop 8etween genders at will. Using the complex “Petal” theory that’s a 8it weird to describe, the edges of skin around her seedflap can fold up to form a 8one 8ulge. Try not to think a8out it too much. 8asically allows her to 8e a dickgirl at will. And, of course, it’s normally 8 inches long. When she’s not feeling like 8eing 8ig, which is all the time. ::::) Aranea talks about it here.

    4. Her adventures over the lands 8efore the game has given her more than enough cursed artifacts and other junk to cre8 whatever plot device she needs for a sexy shenanigan. If that doesn’t work, her dice can do the trick. One roll out of seventeen million HAS to 8e “Grant huge tits”, riiiiiiiight?

    5. How did she get to try so many fucked kinks? Well. After an em8arassing incident with Kanaya when she was little and reading that pir8 porno journal, she actually got pretty shy a8out sexuality! She was only comforta8le experimenting sexually with her prey she 8rought 8ack to Spidermom, 8ecause if she fucks up, what’s the 8ig deal? They’re going to die anyways! She doesn’t know the name of the troll she lost her virginity to. They were dead shortly after. And when they’re going to die afterwards anyways, well… might as well use it as a chance to do terri8le gory things to them too, riiiiiiiight? She kept at this until she felt confident enough to display her sexuality to the world.

    6. Troll 8oo8s can 8e weaponized in some form. And with the size of Vriska’s tits, she’s carrying some very heavy weaponry. However, how exactly her 8oo8s are used as weapons are discussed 8y Aranea here.

    7. Her extreme confidence has made her somewhat of a narcissist. Meaning, in a place like this, she finds the altern8 versions of herself totally hot, despite their weaker figures. She has quite a desire to tap those spider asses.

    8: She is oddly fond of raisins.